Here you will find all you need to know about the uptoIP software. For all further questions please contact us!

  • What is uptoIP?

    uptoIP is not only patent management software.

    uptoIP is the software solution for managing your entire intellectual property.

    The uptoIP system supports you in securely managing all matters concerning your IP rights (patents, trademarks, designs, ...). You keep an overview over your entire IP protection portfolio and at the same time keep any eye on your competitors.

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  • What can I manage with uptoIP?

    In uptoIP you administer not only your published IP rights.

    You administer and archive all documents, files and projects relating to the intellectual property management.

    These may be for example: application documents (such as submission text, drawings, inventor’s names, ...) requests, powers of attorney, notifications, official communications, indexes of goods, patent, trademark or company lawyer’s information messages, trademark registration certificates, design certificates, contracts (such as non-disclosure agreements, licensing agreements, purchase contracts for IP rights), process documents (such as written warnings, cease and desist declarations, delimitation agreements, court orders, responses to appeals), research reports, statistics or analyses on areas of technology and competitors, offers, costs statements, invoices for fees, and much more.

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  • What makes uptoIP special?

    Intelligent links, smart navigation, up-to-date information.

    No matter if own or third-party IP rights: organise the documents to your research projects as you like and assign keywords. Link your knowledge base. Have your information ready anytime – from anywhere in the world.

    Bibliographic information on your IP rights is continuously updated. Correspondence to your lawyers is automatically imported. You only record other information that you consider relevant. You work in a browser window: independently and flexibly even on mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. uptoIP requires no installation and does not need to be integrated into your IT infrastructure.

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  • What target group is uptoIP aimed at?

    uptoIP is aimed at inventive businesses.

    The uptoIP application is designed for the management of intellectual property and is aimed at innovative businesses.

    From the management level right down to individuals such as inventors, lawyers or assistants, all those with permissions may have targeted access to the IP knowledge base. The following groups of people* use uptoIP: Directors (management level) • R&D departmental heads • Research staff, technicians, inventors • Assistants and clerical workers in the area of industrial property rights • Marketing managers • Lawyers, legal practitioners • Industrial designers

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